Introduction Els

Name of the artist: Els Tjong Joe Wai

Born in Paramaribo, Suriname – South America, 1952
Lived and worked in Areopoli, Peloponnese, Greece from 1998-2009
Since 2009 resides in Paramaribo
Work is exhibited in gallery Sukru Oso, Combé, Paramaribo

This site contains images of drawings, aquarels, paintings and collages. Click on the chapter name to view its contents, enlarge an image by clicking on it.

From 1998 on Els Tjong Joe Wai has been sketching and drawing all facets of Greece, typical for the rural area named Mani in Peloponnese. Examples of her Greek work are shown in the chapter “Greece”.

After Summer Fires” contains a collection of oils and drawings in ink of burnt olive trees and their charcoaled remains. The devastating impact of the fires on nature and people is not considered by the artist here. What strikes the artistic eye is the impressive beauty of these fire victims. It is not the misery that she tried to capture, but the mere beauty of forms and shapes.

Drawings and aquarels of her favorite model Goga, are shown in the chapter “Goga”.

Suriname’ contains work made during annual stays and after her permanent return to Paramaribo in 2009.