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The visual artist Els Tjong Joe Wai, (1952, Paramaribo, Suriname – South America), studied at Ruudt Wackers Art Academy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
She has worked in Landsmeer, The Netherlands and in Areopoli, Peloponnese, Greece.
Since 2009 she resides in Paramaribo, Suriname. Her work is exhibited in Gallery PouPas, Areopoli, Greece and in Art Gallery Sukru Oso, Combé, Paramaribo.

During her last exhibition (March 2015) named “Oneliners en ander werk op papier” she introduced her newest find, the oneliner. Earlier work on paper from the series ‘Spagaat’ was exhibited at the same time. More about the exhibition is found in the online art magazine SrananArtXposed (srananart.wordpress.com).

This site contains images of drawings, aquarels, paintings and collages.
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